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Ultifresh Technology

Ultifresh is a certified fabric technology that kills 99.94% bacteria permanently. The anti-bacterial & anti-odor feature can be integrated into any fabrics without affecting the outlook and the hand feel of the apparel.

Benefits of Ultifresh products are designed with copper’s anti-microbial properties, allowing it to self sterilize. It can also prevent bacteria growth, making it a safer apparel for everyone.


We come into contact with thousands of unseen bacteria everyday. These bacterias are able to survive during your laundry too. Ultifresh fabric solution kills bacteria minutes upon contact.


Unpleasant food is the last thing an individual would ever want to experience in their daily lives. Ultifresh fabric technology eliminates odor causing germs on the fabric itself, leaving the wearer fresh all day long.

Increased Durability

Ultifresh prevents microbes from living on the apparel, resulting into lesser textile wastages each year. Thus, it increases the longevity of the apparel, resulting into lesser textile wastage each year.

Saves Water

Ultifresh apparels require lesser wash cycle and water usage up to 75%! This unique feature allows the wearer to save water without compromising safety.

Cost Saving

Ultifresh is a key solution to brands of all industries. It lowers the turnover of uniforms and apparels due to its durability which allows user to wear for a longer period of time.

Men Polo T-Shirt Ultifresh Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Odor

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