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We do not just offer uniqueness; we do the extraordinary that makes your brand outshines the rest! We always want your business and brand to remain on top. At LS Creativo, we are ready to give your company the brand recognition it deserves. That’s why we have first-class gifts you can choose from and we use cutting-edge technology to provide you with exceptional customized items or print-products.

Electronic Devices


Whether to express gratitude to your employees or celebrate special days in their lives (or their family members), LS Creativo provides you with the best of the best items and products that you want.

Giving employees, customers, or partners a corporate gift is one sure way of showing appreciation to them for their hard work and loyalty. Prospective customers or partners should not be neglected. Using a promotional gift is important to increase sales and it is an essential part of a wider marketing mix. With the right corporate gift, you can win over more customers.

It can be very challenging to select the right gift for your target audience; you can leave that to us. It’s our area of specialty. Armed with necessary information like the target audience, intended message, budget, quantity needed among others, we will help you to make the right choices that meet your expectations.

We offer a wide range of corporate gifts from jewellery, clothing of various sorts, gift boxes, bags, office writings, gadgets and accessories that can be branded with the company’s name, logo and colour on it. You can be sure of getting the best items and products that are tailored to your designs and specifications at the best possible price.

We use materials from top brands and combined with the latest designs and expertise of our team, we’ll meet and even exceed your expectations. We will create modern and attractive graphics and innovative decorations that perfectly suit your brand’s standards.

We remain the leading corporate gift supplier in Singapore and we boast of a global appeal that has expanded our client base.


Branding says a lot about your business. Your corporate branding includes your company name, logo, products or services, tagline, and colour.

Your company corporate wear can be another way to advertise your brand. The utmost importance of corporate branding is to help your target audience identify your brand among many others. With good corporate branding, you can easily enter new markets and launch new products because customers are already familiar with your brand.

With our unparallel corporate branding solutions at LS Creativo, we help to create a unique identity for your brand which gives you a complete edge over your competitors.

Our priority is to provide excellent customer service.  We are your number one source for any corporate apparel. We will embroider your company logo on T-shirts, caps or other materials of any size, whether for male or female.

At Lscreativo, we offer top quality artwork and ink with excellent printing service to

  • Design different corporate T-shirts for staff to wear, using the best clothing material

  • Put your company logo, name, colour, and captions in line with the event or product launch

No matter your budget size and the size of your business, with our team your brand can enjoy a premium competitive advantage in the market and be the first choice of every consumer.

We have the experience and also a deep understanding of market trends. We use a creative approach to ensure a great turnaround for brands. Your orders will be delivered without any delay and on time.

Our team of experts will help you to create a captivating and attractive brand messages, and well-designed products will stand you out from the crowd and lots more!

Collection of Trophies


Are you in need of a well-crafted bespoke trophy to give a business partner, very important customer, a key employee or for a special event? Look no further, LS Creativo is the leading company in Singapore that has been producing high quality and stunning trophies for years.

We have the expertise to manufacture, design and deliver bespoke trophies based on budget, on-brief and customized to your brand specification and standard. From custom corporate trophy to sports trophies and employee awards, we will work with you and tailor our service to suit your needs.

We provide unrivaled customer service at competitive prices, using products that are sophisticated to give you the best. The materials we use include metal, glass, pewter, brass, silver, acrylic and timber. We can deliver bespoke trophy of any size and colour, personalized with names, logos and special inscriptions. We are fully equipped with cutting-edge machinery to craft out any design you choose.

We offer free design service, bespoke 3D engraved crystal and we use the latest technology to give you eye-catching, unique and captivating designs that the recipients are proud to display.

Discover more about us by contacting us today. We are always glad to be at your service. We treat our customers with respect and pay attention to details.


Do you need an effective employee recognition program to reward your employees? We are the solution you need.

Employees are an invaluable part of a company’s success and deserve to be motivated through incentives and not just prompt payment of their salaries. It is necessary to recognize your employees for services well rendered to revitalize and energize them and to create a positive working environment.

We offer employee recognition and reward products for every achievement. We are well known for providing the best employee recognition program in Singapore. The high standard of our services speaks for us. LS Creativo can help you to design and implement various performance-based employee recognition programs that will

  • Increase the morale of your employees to achieve more

  • Increase competitiveness among the employees.

  • Enhance productivity and increase profitability

  • Retain talented employees, and

  • Reduce absenteeism

With our experience and expertise, we will develop an unparallel incentive program tailored to your company structure and its specific needs. They include

  • service awards for employees that have served in the company for a number of years

  • sales incentives for employees that are able to meet or exceed their sales threshold

  • health rewards for employees that maintain healthy habits to reduce employer’s healthcare costs

  • safety awards for employees that maintain safe habits at the workplace to prevent or reduce accidents

  • high-performance award for the best performing employee

  • And more.

Contact us to find out more about our employee recognition programs

Awards Ceremony


The senior management team – CEO/Director or MD – hold important positions in the company. They are concerned with making decisions that will bring in more profits for the company and they deserve to be appreciated for their efforts and service.

Our team at LS Creativo is knowledgeable in giving a befitting executive gift that is in the luxurious range whether it is personal or strategic, or for a very important personality. We offer varieties of top quality and sophisticated gifts you can choose for the exclusiveness and pedigree, designed to perfectly suit the purpose and personality.

We understand it might be difficult to select the right gift for an executive; you can contact us to advise you and make suggestions. From accessory sets to executive pens, CEO briefcases, executive briefcases, executive stationery, and decorative world globes, you will get high-end quality products with extravagant styles and fonts from us.

Contact us today and discover more about our corporate gift for executives.

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